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About Us


Monteleone family, one of prominent Italian families with a story reaching out the 18th century, is a family distinguished with glamorous, tender and graceful garments and being popular for their tenderness and value to cleanness for years. They get inspired from a team of 194 persons, including men of science creating scientific methods, organized by Monteleone exclusively for being engaged in cleanness of clothes of Royal family. With attention, care and treatment to clothes, we promise charm, grace and beauty reflecting a gorgeous renaissance view.

As a corporate firm with "Individual service" principle, we attach as much attention to your valuable products as you do, and being one of the first brands in the sphere of care of clothes, we improve our level of infrastructure and services day-by-day. As Monteleone, we strive for creating a difference in the field of fabric care through Italian technological products and special techniques for our brand and easing your life by presenting eco-friendly, healthy, hygienic and practical methods.

Carefully following global care of clothes and technologies, we keep on improving our services by daily advancing our brand, values, and vision. We treat your valuable products and objects with the same attention and care through individual service superiority to your products. We are proud and happy to present you Monteleone family's special care to valuable clothes combined with up-to-date technology.

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